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The 2015 Nevada Legislature Repeals NRS 690B.042 Requiring Policy Limit Disclosures

For the last 20 years, insurance companies operating in Nevada have been required to disclose their insured’s policy limit to Plaintiff’s attorneys if certain conditions are met.  However, Nevada’s 2015 legislature repealed NRS 690B.042 altogether.  Insurance companies no longer are required to disclose the liability limits of their insured before a lawsuit is filed. Plaintiff’s personal injury attorney Bob Massi is upset and suggests that this change will result in an increase in the number … [Read more...]

Is A Commercial Truck Considered A “Passenger Car” For Purposes Of Disclosure Of Liability Policy Limits?

The very first post on the Nevada Trucking Law Blog discusses when a trucking company must disclose its bodily injury liability policy limit to an injured party.  However, an update to that 2008 post is necessary because, as is true for most things in life, the law is always changing. It is still true that if the injured party files a law suit, the motor carrier is obliged to produce its liability policy for inspection or for copying.  Nevada Rule of Civil Procedure 16.1 (a)(1)(D) or Federal … [Read more...]

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Policy Limit Demand Letters

How many times a week do busy insurance adjusters receive demands to settle a claim for the amount of the insured’s policy limits?  It doesn’t matter that the damage to the Plaintiff’s car is valued under $500.00 and the chiropractic treatment is less than $1,500.  The Plaintiffs are still asking for the entire per person limit.  And that is not all!  The Plaintiffs want the money on exceptionally short notice, providing the adjuster little or no supporting information.  This Nevada Insurance … [Read more...]

Disclosing Policy Limits

Many auto bodily injury adjusters ask, "Do I have to disclose my insured’s policy limit?" Keep in mind that after suit is filed, the carrier must produce "[f]or inspection and copying as under Rule 34 any insurance agreement under which any person carrying on an insurance business may be liable to satisfy part or all of a judgment which may be entered in the action or to indemnify or reimburse for payments made to satisfy the judgment and any disclaimer or limitation of coverage or … [Read more...]