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Michael Mills Profiled In Attorney At Law Magazine

In addition to honoring Justice A. William Maupin (ret) with the cover feature story, Mr. Michael C. (Mike) Mills was the only other Nevada attorney profiled in the Premiere Issue of the Las Vegas edition of Attorney at Law Magazine. The article shares Mr. Mills philosophy, experience and outlines why teaching is such an important part of his practice. Click HERE to view the article in full screen. … [Read more...]

LexisNexis Names Nevada Insurance Law As A Top Insurance Law Blog For 2011

The Advisory Board of the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community has selected Mills & Associates' Nevada Insurance Law as one of the nation’s Top Insurance Law Blogs for 2011.  The Advisory Board described what it saw in the winning blogs. The Top Blogs contain some of the best writing out there on insurance law.  They contain a wealth of information for the insurance law community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, practice tips, frequent postings, and helpful … [Read more...]

My Insured Crashed A Rental Car In Vegas. Who Can Answer My Coverage Questions?

Apparently, people aren’t following the advice of the politicians.  Las Vegas visitors are still arriving despite warnings of unprecedented economic upheaval that will occur when people “blow their money” in Vegas.  During the first quarter of 2011, McCarran International Airport reported that 4.5 million people got off of a plane in Vegas.  See  These stats don’t even try to account for the number of visitors arriving by car.  Anyone driving from Las … [Read more...]

Computation Of Damages

Nevada’s Rule of Civil Procedure 16.1(a)(1)(C) and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(a)(1)(A)(iii) require the claimant to serve a “computation of any category of damages claimed by the disclosing party”.  This Computation of Damages is supposed to be served with the initial disclosures and must be provided “without awaiting a discovery request.” In the case of Design Strategy, Inc. v. Davis, 469 F3d 284 (2d Cir. 2006), the court had to decide whether a Plaintiff, who had failed to disclose … [Read more...]

The Futility Of Summary Disposition Of Cases In Clark County, Nevada

“Why Should I Even Try?” I don’t know how many times during my first meeting with the client, I have heard recitations about how unjust it is that the client has to defend against facially unsupportable allegations.  “Why don’t you just file a Motion and get us out of this case?” they ask.  My answer has always been “If only it were that easy!” When giving that answer, I wasn’t trying to be inconsiderate.  I was just passing on to the client what I had learned by experience; in Nevada State … [Read more...]