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Do You Want Fries With That? Rental Car Insurance Options Beyond The Rental Car Desk

Just like in fast food, the rental car industry trains its sales agents to pitch an “add on” purchase at the “point of sale”.  But instead of selling French fries, the rental car agents try to sell you insurance.  This specialty insurance might include protection against damage to the rental car or supplemental insurance over and above the insurance that the renter already has.  Rent a car specific insurance offerings are sometimes called Collision Damage Waiver, Renter’s Liability Insurance or … [Read more...]

Which State’s Law Applies When An Accident Happens Out Of State In A Nevada Rental Car?

Las Vegas loves tourists and tourists love Las Vegas!!!  Of course, many tourists come here to see the hotels, the casinos and the shows.  But sometimes the hotels, casinos and shows all start to look alike.  So tourists have been known to rent cars and go wandering the Wild West to take in the natural wonders just a few hours from town, including Death Valley in California, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Zion National Park in Utah.  That’s a lot of travel across many state lines.  So when an … [Read more...]

Do I Need To Buy The Insurance That The Rental Car Company Offers Me When I Rent A Car In Nevada?

In Nevada, rental car agents are legally obligated to confirm only two things about you before they rent you a car, that you have a current driver’s license and that the signature you made on the rental contract matches the signature on that driver’s license.  See N.R.S. 483.610 and our previous blog post on this topic, HERE. [Insert link to Feb 21, 2011 post on the Insurance Blog]  The rental car company is not obligated to ask you if you have insurance.  Instead, they will ask you to buy … [Read more...]

My Insured Crashed A Rental Car In Vegas. Who Can Answer My Coverage Questions?

Apparently, people aren’t following the advice of the politicians.  Las Vegas visitors are still arriving despite warnings of unprecedented economic upheaval that will occur when people “blow their money” in Vegas.  During the first quarter of 2011, McCarran International Airport reported that 4.5 million people got off of a plane in Vegas.  See  These stats don’t even try to account for the number of visitors arriving by car.  Anyone driving from Las … [Read more...]

Shielding Rental Car Companies From Negligent Entrustment Actions: How Much Is Enough?

In a city that thrives on tourists, Las Vegas’ rental car companies cater to both national and international clientele.  The more rental car drivers that are on the streets, the more likely it is that some of these will cause accidents and injuries.  Keeping that in mind, Plaintiffs’ attorneys often choose to target defendants based on availability rather than liability.  In other words, Plaintiffs’ attorneys will sue not only the rental car driver, but they will also sue the rental car company … [Read more...]