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The Nevada Court of Appeals Follows a Push-Down Model

At the time that the Nevada Law Blogs last treated the Nevada Court System, there was no Nevada Court of Appeals. Since then, things have changed. So how about an update regarding appeals in Nevada.In 2014, the Nevada voters approved the creation of the Nevada Court of Appeals. The Nevada Court of Appeals is subordinate to the Nevada Supreme Court. But this new court would follow a “push down” or “deflective” model. Since 2014, many people still do not understand what this means or how this … [Read more...]

The Nevada Court System

The organization of the Nevada Court System is unique.  Compared to the federal system or to other state systems, the Nevada system has some facets that are important to be explored and understood.The highest court in the Nevada Court System is the Nevada Supreme Court.  It is the court of last resort.  The Nevada Supreme Court is made up of seven justices.  The court is divided into two three-justice panels plus the chief justice.  All appeals and extraordinary writs from the Nevada … [Read more...]

LexisNexis Names Nevada Insurance Law As A Top Insurance Law Blog For 2011

The Advisory Board of the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community has selected Mills & Associates' Nevada Insurance Law as one of the nation’s Top Insurance Law Blogs for 2011.  The Advisory Board described what it saw in the winning blogs. The Top Blogs contain some of the best writing out there on insurance law.  They contain a wealth of information for the insurance law community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, practice tips, frequent postings, and helpful … [Read more...]

An Insurance Company Must Respond To A Subpoena Involving Ongoing Third-Party Litigation.

With escalating frequency, we at Mills & Associates are seeing aggressive plaintiffs serve subpoenas directly on the defendant’s insurance carriers.  These subpoenas often request records that the retained defense attorney has already produced.  Sometimes they will request a particular claims adjuster appear and testify about those records.  By doing so, plaintiffs are hoping to identify documents or information that the retained defense attorney has improperly withheld.  We thought our … [Read more...]

Celebrate Law Day 2011

Gerald Ford said “Our constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws, not of men.”  Andrew Jackson said “The great can protect themselves, but the poor and humble require the arm and shield of the law. “  Republican or Democrat, all acknowledge that the USA is a nation of laws.  In these times of political unrest it is important to remember this country is founded on the rule of law.During the cold war the USSR celebrated May 1 with parades emphasizing military might, and … [Read more...]