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The Nevada Supreme Court Sees Its 80,000th Case!

The Nevada Supreme Court has announced that it has accepted its 80,000th case.  The case is Patel v. Patel, a civil appeal from the Eighth Judicial District Family Court. Nevada was granted statehood on October 31, 1864.  The Civil War was underway and would not end until April 9, 1865.  Thus the Nevada flag bears the motto "Battle Born". The earliest reported opinion from the Nevada Supreme Court that I can find is dated January 1, 1865 and is styled Davis v. Thompson,1 Nev. 17, 1865 Nev. … [Read more...]

Will A New Appellate Court Mean More Nevada Jobs?

In the Nevada Law Blogs, we regularly discuss “Nevada Factors”.  These Nevada Factors are circumstances that are unique to Nevada’s laws or judiciary which make it different from the other states. One Nevada Factor that arises over and over again is the dearth of controlling legal precedents on which Nevada civil lawyers and judges can predictably rely.  The main reason why there are so few civil precedents is because Nevada has only one court of appeals.  That court is the Nevada Supreme … [Read more...]

The Time Clock On Statutes Of Limitation For Contribution And Indemnity Claims Does Not Start Running Until After Judgment Is Entered

Nevada law provides generally that a negligent defendant should pay only that share the of damage that he or she caused. That legal concept, known as several liability, is codified in NRS 41.141. However, the Nevada Supreme Court has interpreted that statute to provide a number of exceptions to the general rule of several liability. [See HERE for example] If a plaintiff falls into one of those exceptions, he or she will enjoy the benefit of joint and several liability. The end result is that a … [Read more...]