Strategies, Challenges, and Answers

Defendants, Beware The “Super Lien”!

In days past, settlement of a claim was a straightforward affair.  The claimant signed a release of all claims and the defendant paid the agreed upon amount. Over time, the settlement process became more complicated.  Claimants would sign agreements with medical providers that deferred payment for the treatment rendered, so long as the claimant would pay the provider out of the settlement proceeds.  But normally, the complications created by these liens were problems to be dealt with by the … [Read more...]

“How Lucky Are You Feeling Today?”

Nevada Minor's Compromises The phone call to Mills & Associates always goes something like this: Adjuster: I was just talking to the _______________ (unrepresented parent / Plaintiff’s attorney, you fill in the blank) and we agreed on a settlement of the minor’s claim of $ __________ (some very nominal amount).  They don’t want to do a minor’s compromise for this Nevada accident.  Can we make a settlement like that without a minor’s compromise? Attorney: (I have always wanted … [Read more...]