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The Immense Sacrifice Of Our Fallen Heroes Must Always Be Remembered . . .

“Was it worth it?” This is a question, sometimes politically-loaded, that is often asked of family members and war buddies of our Fallen Heroes. Marine Corps General John Kelly recently offered a unique perspective. A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan himself, General Kelly lost his youngest son, First Lieutenant Robert Kelly, while conducting combat operations in Helmand Province in 2010. General Kelly was asked if the loss was worth it by a reporter with National Public Radio. He said, … [Read more...]

Responding To An Outrageously High Tow Bill

Have you ever received a bill for tow charges that were just too darn high?  Here are some ways to reduce the risk of receiving such a bill and if received to address those charges. 1.)        Make Record Of The Tow Trucks That Respond To The Scene There are so many things happening at the scene of an accident sometimes details can be lost.  Writing things down or taking pictures are great ways to document what went on.  Obviously we encourage drivers to take photographs of the damaged … [Read more...]