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Parents Are Statutorily Liable For Damages Willfully Caused By Their Minor Children Up To $10,000, But Are Those Damages Covered?

As a practice, when a minor causes damage or injury, the plaintiff will name as defendants both the minor and the parents.  There are a variety of theories under which the parents can be held liable for the minor’s acts.  See HERE for example.  If the minor’s acts appear to have been intentional, one of theory of recovery is a Nevada statute.  N.R.S. 41.470 imposes limited vicarious liability on parents whose minor children willfully cause damage to others.  The statute reads: NRS 41.470 … [Read more...]

Nevada Children Not Entitled To Damages For Loss Of Consortium With Injured Parent

Mr. Bush was catastrophically injured when eye bolts on a large electrical control cabinet failed as the cabinet was being lifted by crane onto a Haulpak mining truck.  The cabinet hit Mr. Bush in the head causing him permanent brain injuries and rendering him totally incapacitated.  The jury found the manufacturer of the cabinet liable on a “failure to warn” theory.  See Ginnis v. Mapes Hotel Corp., 86 Nev. 408, 470 P.2d 135 (1970).  The argument was that General Electric should have given … [Read more...]