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“How Lucky Are You Feeling Today?”

Nevada Minor's Compromises The phone call to Mills & Associates always goes something like this: Adjuster:I was just talking to the _______________ (unrepresented parent / Plaintiff’s attorney, you fill in the blank) and we agreed on a settlement of the minor’s claim of $ __________ (some very nominal amount).  They don’t want to do a minor’s compromise for this Nevada accident.  Can we make a settlement like that without a minor’s compromise?Attorney:(I have always wanted … [Read more...]

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Recently on the Mills and Associates Nevada Trucking Law Blog, we posted the following 3 items of interest to readers of this blog. For your convenience...Service of Process Through DMV: Common errors made by Plaintiff's counselAn Expert is an Expert?: Clarifying expertise, credentials and qualificationsPeremptory Challenge: When to consider and how to request a different judgeNegligent Hiring: Viable cause of Action in Nevada?Respondeat Superior: Vicarious liability … [Read more...]