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Never Say Never

Why it may be ill advised for an insurance company to say that it will never go off panel to assign work to insurance defense attorneys...Recently, Mills & Associates logged into a webcast sponsored by an insurance industry organization.  The webcast’s expert panel was convened to discuss how defense attorneys could better improve the “insurance defense relationship”.As I listened to the panel members, it was reinforced to me how much insurance companies like to follow predetermined … [Read more...]

Sitting In The Cat Bird Seat

Contribution and Good Faith Settlements in NevadaWhen collecting a Nevada judgment from multiple tortfeasors, innocent bodily injury Plaintiffs are sitting in the catbird seat.  They are able to realize the beneficial effects of Joint and Several Liability by collecting their judgment from any or all of the multiple Defendants.  (Click HERE to learn more about Joint and Several Liability in Nevada.) This rule of Joint and Several Liability will often set off a round of secondary litigation … [Read more...]