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It’s Nevada, not Nev-ah-da . . . Happy Nevada Day!

nevada-day-cake-from-aec-001Before it was a political issue in the presidential race, it was an issue in my family.  Relatives from out of state just could not get the name right.  And like a certain candidate, my relatives insisted that the linguistic pronunciation was correct.    However, the pronunciation represents the duality and independence of the state it identifies.  The cowboy boots and bolo ties worn by attorneys and judges in court have given way to the brogues and ties of other jurisdictions.  Our eponymous horseback riding citizens, like Judge Ellsworth no longer crisscrossing the Las Vegas Valley year round and now limited to the Admission’s Day Parade.

nevada-day-balloon-from-aecNevada means “snowcapped” and our beautiful pined mountain ranges are gorgeously dusted with snow.  Yet great tracts of the state are dry high desert populated with resilient yuccas and Joshua trees.  Born from battle and created for a prosperous peace, Nevada traveled its own path after statehood and offered unusual economic development and enterprises which still comprise our identity.  Ranching, mining, and gaming remain part of our economy.  Neon draped hotel-casinos in the forest of Lake Tahoe or the New York-Paris-Arthurian England skyline of Las Vegas demonstrate the dichotomy of the state’s nature and the human imprint on it.  Perhaps it was not history but destiny that gave us Halloween and Nevada Admission’s Day on the same date.

Over 44 years I have been fortunate to observe the ongoing path of our state and my neighboring Nevadans outside of Clark County.  In 8th grade I saw only two hands raise when the teacher asked how many of us were born in the state.  Now I am surrounded by many natives raising their own families here.  Growing up in the South and spending college in the North, I experienced those sides of this large multifaceted state and the diverse people who inhabit it.   On this, our 152nd year of statehood, we honor our history and look forward to our evolving future.  The many personalities of Nevada unite to recognize our exceptional uniqueness from the other 49 states of the union.  And they call it Nevada.

Aileen Cohen About Aileen Cohen

Ms. Cohen is a highly skilled professional in all phases of civil and criminal trials and court appearances, including oral argument in motion and evidentiary hearings. In addition to her courtroom experience, she is well versed at representing her clients’ interests in all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and administrative hearings.

She practices general civil and complex litigation, primarily in the areas of insurance defense and coverage issues. Ms. Cohen also practices litigation surrounding contractual and administrative issues. “Litigation is not limited strictly to a strictly defined concept of liability. The issues involved in any area of law require just as much focus on discovery and motion practice than a traditional tort or contract action.”

In addition to civil litigation, Ms. Cohen has notable criminal defense experience. Ms. Cohen’s post-conviction research, preparation of legal briefs and oral argument before the Nevada Supreme Court in Burrell v. State of Nevada resulted in the reversal of a life sentence and re-sentencing for her client.

Ms. Cohen successfully obtained summary judgment defending a legal malpractice claim. She also obtained a partial summary judgment that significantly reduced her client’s exposure.

Ms. Cohen is licensed to practice in Nevada and Oregon and has been admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Nevada (1995) and to the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals (1996). Ms. Cohen is a member of the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys, Las Vegas Defense Lawyers and the Nevada State Bar Animal Law Section.

Ms. Cohen joined attorney Michael C. Mills in the Las Vegas office of BLWM. In addition to her trial and litigation responsibilities, she contributes regularly to the Nevada Law Blogs.