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The Walls Of Nevada’s Dram Shop Wonderland Castle Withstand Assault

In our previous blog post, Dram Shop Wonderland, we addressed attempts that have been made over the years by Nevada lawyers to impose liability on bar, tavern and hotel owners for injuries and damages caused by their inebriated guests.  We noted that despite compelling circumstances, the courts have not imposed liability.  The court’s argument has been that if dram shop liability is to be imposed, it must be done by the Nevada legislature.It has been 13 years since the last attempt to … [Read more...]

Vehicle’s Registered Owner Not Always The Legal Owner For Liability Purposes

Under the right set of facts, the owner of a car can be liable for the driver’s actions.  CLICK HERE.  So you ask, just who is the “owner” of a vehicle in Nevada for liability purposes?This precise issue was raised in the Nevada Supreme Court case of Barr v. Gaines, 103 Nev. 548, 746 P.2d 634 (1987).  In Barr, an injured motorist brought suit against the father of the driver of a car, arguing that, as the registered owner of the car, the father was vicariously liable.  The father argued … [Read more...]

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Recently on the Mills and Associates Nevada Trucking Law Blog, we posted the following 3 items of interest to readers of this blog. For your convenience...Service of Process Through DMV: Common errors made by Plaintiff's counselAn Expert is an Expert?: Clarifying expertise, credentials and qualificationsPeremptory Challenge: When to consider and how to request a different judgeNegligent Hiring: Viable cause of Action in Nevada?Respondeat Superior: Vicarious liability … [Read more...]

Read Before Signing! Parents Who Sign Minor’s Driver’s License Application Are Liable For The Minor’s Driving

In Nevada, a teenager can get a learner’s permit at 15 ½ and a driver’s license at 16.  NRS 483.250; NRS 483.280 and NRS 483.2521.  However, 16 and 17-year-olds must have an eligible adult sign their driver’s license application.  Usually it is the parents who sign.  However, there is a list of other eligible adults at NRS 482.300: NRS 483.300  Signing and verification of application of minor by responsible person; liability. 1.  The application of any person under the age of 18 years for an … [Read more...]

Nevada Lacks Dram Shop Law(S)

For years Nevada Lawyers have tried unsuccessfully to get judges to impose liability on casino, bar and restaurant owners when guests were served too much alcohol, leading to accidents and injuries.In case after case, Nevada judges have refused.For more on this topic please visit our Dram Shop posts on our Nevada Coverage and Bad Faith Law Blog. … [Read more...]