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Back to Basics: The Elements Of A Nevada Negligence Claim

Nevada Negligence ClaimSometimes it is good to get back to basics.  Let’s quickly review what it takes to prove a negligence claim in Nevada.  The case of Turner v. Mandaly Sports Entm’t, LLC, 124 Nev. 213, 180 P.3d 1172 (2008) reminds us of the elements of that cause of action.

Mr. & Mrs. Turner owned season tickets to watch the Las Vegas 51s play baseball.  They knew that batters could hit foul balls into the stands.  Like at most ball parks, the stands had screens to prevent foul balls from hitting the fans.  But Mr. & Mrs. Turner left their regular seat and went to the “Beer Garden” to get a cold beverage and a snack.  The “Beer Garden” was located in the upper concourse near the field.  Unlike the stands, the “Beer Garden” had no protective screen.  After ordering, Mr. Turner stood at the rail to watch the game.  But Mrs. Turner sat at a table and ate her sandwich.  She couldn’t see the field from where she was sitting. [Continue reading]

“Reasonable Rental Cost” Not “Financing Cost” Is The Proper Measure Of Damages For Loss Of Use

Loss of Use

Disputes over the value of loss of use are common. Sometimes these disputes are small such as the loss of use of a car following an auto accident. Other times, the dispute involves a much bigger piece of equipment. For example, Asphalt Products … [Continue reading]

#TBT Nevada’s Guest Statute Declared Unconstitutional

the girl waiting the car with cardboard

On Social Media, people like to celebrate “Throw Back Thursday”.  On Thursdays, with a reference to hashtag #TBT, people post old photos of themselves, their families and their cities.  In that tradition, this post qualifies as a legal “Throw Back … [Continue reading]

We are Always Looking for One or Two More Good Clients . . . Even When Business is Great

The Missing Piece

One of the questions frequently asked is whether we are accepting new clients. While the short answer is “Yes”, here is some additional information which many people find interesting. Our law firm, Mills & Associates is committed to client … [Continue reading]

Please Nominate “Nevada Insurance Law” For The 2014 ABA Journal Blawg 100 Award

Film Award

Since 2007, the American Bar Association has annually recognized 100 law blogs that are helpful, creative and engaging.  Mills & Associates believes that our Nevada Insurance Law blog should join the list of ABA Blawg Honorees in 2014. Before … [Continue reading]