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Is A Commercial Truck Considered A “Passenger Car” For Purposes Of Disclosure Of Liability Policy Limits?

Disclosure Policy LimitsThe very first post on the Nevada Trucking Law Blog discusses when a trucking company must disclose its bodily injury liability policy limit to an injured party.  However, an update to that 2008 post is necessary because, as is true for most things in life, the law is always changing.

It is still true that if the injured party files a law suit, the motor carrier is obliged to produce its liability policy for inspection or for copying.  Nevada Rule of Civil Procedure 16.1 (a)(1)(D) or Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 26(a)(1)(A)(iii).

But in 2013, the legislature amended the law that controls the disclosure of policy information before suit is filed.  N.R.S. 690B.042 no longer applies exclusively to “private passenger cars”.  Instead, the law now applies to “passenger cars”.  For purposes of this law, a passenger car means “a motor vehicle designed for carrying 10 persons or less, except a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle.”  NRS 482.087.
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Seasons Greetings from Mills & Associates

Seasons Greetings

I really enjoy this time of year.  It means that I get to spend more time with my family and splurge eating some foods that I would otherwise shun. I hope that all of the readers of the Mills Law Blogs will also be sipping something warm, eating a … [Continue reading]

Peer Evaluations Qualify Mills For AV Preeminent® Rating From Martindale-Hubbell

Film Award

Las Vegas attorneys recently recognized Michael C. Mills as being among the highest skilled and most ethical attorneys in Las Vegas according to the Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ system.  In October 2014, Martindale awarded Mills the … [Continue reading]

Nevada Voters Approve Creation Of Nevada’s First Appellate Court

Nevada Appellate Court

On November 4, 2014, Nevada voters approved Ballot Question No. 1 authorizing the creation of a Nevada Appellate Court. According to results published by the Secretary of State’s office, the question prevailed in Clark, Washoe and Carson City … [Continue reading]

Nevada Requires Drivers To File Traffic Reports If Police Do Not Respond

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The Las Vegas’ Metropolitan Police Department no longer responds to motor vehicle accidents where no one reports an injury.  However, if Metro does not respond, current law requires drivers (or if the drivers are unable, then the owners) to file an … [Continue reading]