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Nevada’s Economic Loss Doctrine Prevents Negligence Claims Against Design Professionals Where Only Economic Loss Has Occurred.

Economic Loss DoctrineNevada courts and judges spend lots of time dealing with construction defect disputes.  During the economic boom, Nevada designers and builders put up many residential and commercial buildings.  Some were well designed and built.  Others?  Not so much!  The case of Terracon Consultants Western, Inc. v. Mandalay Resort Gp., 125 Nev. 66, 206 P.3d 81 (2009) was just one of those construction defect suits.

What often happens in a construction defect suits is that the owners who find construction problems sue the general contractor and a few subs who may have caused the problems.  Then the general sues others who they think might be at fault.  Then in turn they sue other subs who then sue others with plenty of cross-claims and counterclaims to go around.  Construction defect defense lawyers often joke that the only reason they are in the suit is because their contractor simply walked on the project.  [Continue reading]

What Will Happen When Las Vegas Metro PD No Longer Responds To Property Damage Only Accidents?


Click here to read "LVMPD Modifies Response to Property Damage Collisions" or click on the image above. … [Continue reading]

As Between Intentional And Negligent Joint Tortfeasors, The Negligent Tortfeasor Is Severally Liable While The Intentional Tortfeasor Is Liable Both Jointly And Severally.


According to its web site, CAFE MODA is the “Hottest Local Filipino Spot In Las Vegas”.  A few years back, things got hotter than expected when Palma and Richards got into a fight while on the cafe’s premises.  Richards stabbed Palma.  Palma sued … [Continue reading]

California Court Clarifies Confusion Post-Howell

Male hand checking a wallet with stethoscope

Ever since the California Supreme Court decided Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc., 52 Cal 4th 541 (2013), California’s lower courts have been dealing with the billed vs. paid issue.  The opinion of Corenbaum v. Lampkin, 214 Cal.App.4th … [Continue reading]

Responding To An Outrageously High Tow Bill

Have you ever received a bill for tow charges that were just too darn high?  Here are some ways to reduce the risk of receiving such a bill and if received to address those charges. 1.)        Make Record Of The Tow Trucks That Respond To The … [Continue reading]