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Break Buck’s Spell. Pursue Passenger Negligence.

OtterbeckDon’t be surprised if a Nevada Plaintiff’s attorney tries to cast a spell on you. The attorney may repeat over and over again, “My client is a passenger. He is not liable for the accident.”

By reciting this incantation, the attorney is hoping to enchant you into believing that the magic of the Buck v. Greyhound Lines, Inc., 105 Nev. 756, 783 P.2d 437 (1989) protects all auto passengers, especially hers, from any accusations of comparative fault.

For those of you who are familiar with Nevada law on this topic, you are aware that Buck is powerful magic. If Buck applies, a negligence free passenger can avoid the effects of Nevada’s “several liability” law (NRS 41.141). By casting that spell, an injured passenger Plaintiff may claim a judgment jointly and severally against any one of the negligent defendants. This can cause some very unjust results. For example, a negligence free passenger can choose to recover 100% of his or her damages from any one of the negligent tortfeasors that contributed to the injury, even if that tortfeasor was only responsible for 1% of the accident. Do you see why Plaintiff’s attorneys invoke such a potent charm?

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Avoid UM / UIM Stacking By Meeting These Three Requirements


Nevada law authorizes auto insurance companies to avoid stacking their uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage. But before a court will enforce a policy’s anti-stacking provision the company must meet three requirements. See Neumann v. Standard … [Continue reading]

Is The Driver Of A Car That Was Rear-Ended Free From Negligence As A Matter Of Law?

caution - car crash!

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Happy President’s Day

Presidents Day

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State Farm Tries To Dodge The Single Shot Fired By The Policyholder That Nevada Follows California’s Cumis Rule

Cumis Brief

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