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Settlement, Unsettled

The claimant’s counsel makes a policy limit demand. After receiving authority to settle for the liability limits, you tender the policy limit and your company’s standard Release.  Claimant’s counsel rejects the Release.  Instead, counsel insists on a Covenant Not to Execute.  Why would the attorney do that?

This post will hopefully give you more information regarding the distinctions between these two types of settlement documents and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is the distinction between a covenant and a release?

Both releases and covenants are contracts under Nevada law.  However, a release extinguishes a plaintiff’s cause of action and the insured’s liability.  If the claimant signs a release, the claimant cannot subsequently sue the insured.  This is the settlement document used in most claims and is the preferred document to protect the insured.

In contrast, Covenants generally allow the claimant to sue the insured even after the insurance company makes payment of the limits.  A Covenant protects the insured because the claimant promises not to pursue the insured’s personal assets, protecting the insured from execution and garnishment should a judgment follow in a subsequent lawsuit.  However, that protection is not complete.   [Continue reading]

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